Acknowledge your students sometimes topsy-turvy process with incredible work of art! Remember this special moment. 

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Personalize your poster and tell us about your students backstory...their struggles, challenges and accomplishments. Expect a beautiful letter of encouragement and praise.

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Posters arrive out of the blue – by mail –accompanied by an incredible encomium from the Headmaster of the Patagucci Institute. Each gift is a surprising acknowledgment from the universe at large.

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Pay tribute to the emergence of  GumptionKindness, Zest or Imagination to name a few of our 48 virtues. Select an emerging skill; confirm their expertise; praise their development.

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Patagucci depicts the Story of the Boy with Four Names who ponders about a meaningful life. The allegorical imagery trace his journey from east to west and back again. Eastern esoteric traditions and Western philosophy make up a visual canon of symbols taking the viewer to a wondrous place; strength and determination flowers and kites with eyes carry ones hopes upwards.


Folklore  inspire us to remember that love is the essence of our lives. Our hearts are surrounded by the passions of life carried by outstretched and powerful wings of flight. Our loves resides amidst the many complexities of our past, future and imagination, guarded by the sacred Quetzalcoatl birds and transported by our spirit selves.


Surrounded by a vine of mystical flowers one’s hopes and dreams are guarded by a magical creature, a Griffin.  Our aspirations of goodness and justice are held by little birds who navigate the turbulent clouds of life, indicating the preciousness of our quest. The Griffin guards us on our search for truth and we are safe from the vicissitudes of life.


Mystical brotherhoods, books of knowledge and secret rituals elevate the ordinary and ask the viewer to think about unusual perspectives, ideas and concepts. Wings symbolize our quest for ideals beyond our grasp. Books  represent a scholarly approach to life light bulbs speak to invention and imagination reminding us that awareness is often just a flash of insight!


The  Value of Harmonious Development

Our library organizes forty eight virtues along an positive executive function model. You can use the words to acknowledge growth and affirm change in your child, a co-worker or a student. Harmonious Development is the idea that effort produces change in individuals. Outcomes do matter, yet they are not the complete picture. Certificates of Harmonious Development recognize the internal outcome of effort. They signify that you recognize something of great value in the recipient. To students who struggle, or coworkers who strive or students who study hard, words matter. As people seek to master tasks at hand, there is something of great value - greater than accomplishing a goal, that occurs. 

What matters is that others understand the nature of their effort, the unseen aspects of self actualization and efficacy. The purpose of Certificates of Harmonious Development are to acknowledge the recipients for their inner accomplishments.



Energy required to activate and organize for tasks

Curiosity | Dauntlessness | Humor | Imagination

Pertinacity | Spunk | Zest


Focus of energy to sustain and shift attention

Attentiveness | Creativity | Diligence | Knowledgeable

Mettle | Patience | Perspicacity 


Alertness to self and sustaining effort

Autonomy | Commitment | Courage | Endurance

Foresight | Idealism | Reliability


Managing mental and emotional energy 

Acceptance | Adaptability  | Awareness | Confidence  

Entrepreneurial | Heroism  | Ingenuity | Integrity

Kindness  | Tranquility


Creating internal and external equilibrium

Altruism | Balance | Candor | Character

Collaboration | Compassion | Equity

Gratitude | Intuitiveness



Planning energy and time to complete tasks

Assiduousness | Gumption | Initiative

Judiciousness | Meticulousness