About Terry

Terry Regan, MA is the founder of the  Patagucci Institute for the Harmonious Advancement of Humankind. He maintains a private practice in San Francisco [www.terryregan.org] focusing on kids, adults and college students offering 1:1 academic counseling and educational therapy. His focus is on collaborating with students to develop and implement strategies and manage the challenges associated with academic performance at all levels - from 7th grade to PhD candidates! Anyone whose learning has been interrupted and made difficult by their label or circumstance.

Regan is an accomplished learning specialist and educational therapist with extensive experience as a teacher, trainer, and counselor. He has worked with hundreds of students to improve day-to-day academic management, understand learning and performance issues, demystify diagnostic reports, recognize skills and abilities, and develop alternative strategies for learning weaknesses.  His work straddles the realms of emotional, psychological and academic activity with a focus on psycho-emotional success.

Regan has a Masters Degree in Education, with advanced certificates in Technical Writing, Educational Therapy and College Advising/Counseling. He has trained as a Feuerstein practitioner and  in the Integrated Listening System therapy. He  taught at the Academy of Art University, UCSC as a lecturer in the Ed Therapy program; been a disability specialist at the SF Art Institute; a learning specialist at the SFSU post bac program [2007-2015]. Regan has conducted many workshops and training's and belongs to a variety of professional organizations, such as Chadd, AET and LDA.  Regan is a former rowing coach, coxswain and sculler, cabinetmaker, contractor and artist.