Prologue: Start Here


        The idea of the Patagucci Institute for the Advancement of Humankind  is relatively recent, but which has been on my mind a long time. In my private practice where I mostly see kids with issues, labels and problems I’ve often wondered: What will help engage THAT student? What will move them along? How can I motivate them?  Those questions arise daily in the students mind as well. The purpose of telling you our story [theirs and mine] via this blog— is to share the knowledge and lessons acquired from many years of working with challenging, intelligent, insanely funny and frustrating kids. Along the way, we’ll cover all the labels: from Autism to ADHD. I have been lucky to have a practice that spans a wide spectrum of issues and age groups, and now I want to share my understanding with you.

The Patagucci Institute for the Advancement of Humankind has a core mission to recognize a student’s interior life and by doing so, help them integrate their present circumstances with their hopes and dreams. When we find solitude and harmony within ourselves, we can do anything. That’s our philosophy. Courage, gumption, perseverance, creativity—all the words on our certificates affirm character traits, values and intelligence. As the fortune cookie says, “All your hard work will soon pay off.” It will. That’s our belief.

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