Virtue Bundles 

How do you cultivate the whole person?

We have created a catalog of virtues to answer that question. Nine categories encapsulate bundles of virtues that develop important aspects of character, "...acts benefiting others. " or "...sensitive to subtle forces..." give you an idea of the content of each posters message. 


Each virtue recognizes an aspect of inner development and points to our essential view about life’s challenges and complexity. To develop with harmony, one has to serve others, be committed to their cause, persevere and maintain their humor. Together, these constitute our disposition and temperament.


“…acts that benefit others.”


“…enthusiasm in the face of adversity.”


" takes courage to take a strong stance."


“…ability to see the lighter side.”


“…persist and endure the frustration.”

Relationship Bundle

The give and take of our connections and bonds—from family to friends—is a universal experience. Accepting others, warts and all is a skill. We accept people, so that fear and untrustworthiness does not take root. In return, others see our goodness and warmth; they seek us out.

You receive all four virtues; one in each style. 

Kindness “…warm-hearted, considerate, understanding.”
Candor ” speak one’s mind and not hurt someone’s feelings.”
Compassion “…ability to empathize with others.”
 Reliability “…dependable because of a deep commitment.”

Cultivating Creativity

 We seek ways to express our humanity in the world. Along the way, we inspire others to express themselves without worry of being judged. The world is huge and we want to explore it all.
Creativity “…use your talents to break new ground.”
    Confidence “…and be humble about the outcomes.”
Curiosity “…desire to know the whys and wherefores.”
 Courage “…one must lean into a problem…”


 We don't fret over obstacles, we don't waiver about our goals! We look at challenges as opportunities to improve  universal betterment. We consider the possibilities: skillfully crafting work arounds. We face the world head-on and along the way we become skillful negotiators in control of our destiny. 
Acceptance “…a conscious effort to manage oneself.”
Awareness “…sensitive to subtle forces.”
Heroism “…courage to take a strong stance against adversity”.
 Ingenuity “…a wonderfully creative imagination.”

Executive Function

When faced with tasks of varying difficulty we observe and learn how to overcome the obstacles in our path. Our view is  macro and micro, and  a deep a understanding is created through observation and action. We learn to love the challenge using our energy to expedite solutions.
Dauntlessness “…demonstrate courage and skill.”
Intuitiveness “…grasp the core meaning and significance.”
Attentiveness “…learning to observe, think and persist.”
 Spunk “…indomitable resolve and energy.”
Zest “…genuine enjoyment and acknowledgement.”


We take a stance for what is right and just. Even in adversity, we are able to work out the correct approach for the benefit of all. Risks are nothing more than uncertainties to overcome or odds to be beaten. We work for the greater good. We lead, we follow, we do! 
Autonomy “…ability to work on a project independently.”
Determination “…you become single focused, and this enables you to endure challenges…”
Foresight “…ability to plan and carry out a successful a multifaceted project.”
 Gumption “…developing the ability to persevere against all odds.”
Entrepreneurial “…willing to take a risk, pursue a dream.”


Our core compassion is how we build our character and relate to the world at large. We strive to do good by others so that they may do good with us. Our essential focus is kindness and justice for all.
Gratitude “…acknowledge another’s act of kindness.”
Equity “…your ability to be fair and impartial”
Character “…values, aligned with the quality of their deeds.”
 Veracity “…you cannot be anything but honest.”

Managing Emotions

Mindfulness and the ability to be fluid for whatever happens in life is key. We take a moment to acknowledge the feelings that we experience: accept them, and work with them. Our center is controlled and aware, but not overruled.
Tranquility “.. your inner calm prevails.”
Balance “…learned how to deflect distractions.”
Patience “You hunker down, sit still, and concentrate…”
 Adaptability “…able to adapt to new or unexpected situations.”

Inspiring Others

Everything's possible. There may be more than one answer and so, we use our imagination to create a meaningful life by inspiring others. 
Idealism “…always fight for the underdog.”
Imagination “…original way of seeing the world.”
Ingenuity “…a wonderfully creative imagination.”
 Initiative “…offering help and taking charge of tasks.”