Parents are our collaborators!

We share in the angst of parenting and schooling. The difficulties kids have in managing the day to day, completing homework, managing their performance and anxiety. It's a topsy-turvy world! 

Like you, we pull our hair out!  Like you, we are perplexed by lost homework! And,like you, fascinated by their brilliance!!

We developed our Certificates of Harmonious Development because of the academic failure of a promising kid  who, overwhelmed by the anxiety and stress of school, tanked! It’s a long and familiar story to some parents. We happy to say that kid ended up at a great school having developed his Wherewithal and Gumption, along with a healthy dose of Determination and Diligence.

We developed our Certificates of Harmonious Development to counteract the negativity  of diagnostic labels which indicate under performance. We wanted to find a way - a cool one - for parents  to call attention to the invisible character traits their kids were developing even as they experienced the chaos of anxiety, trauma, procrastination,distraction, etc.

Unlike the WYSIWYG acronym, we believe that what you see, isn’t what you get. Kids have unlimited potential and we, like you want to nurture it. The under performing kid of today will be be the entrepreneur of tomorrow.

Like you, we believe in your students and use our Certificates of Harmonious Development to call out their positive and empowering attributes.


The  Value of Harmonious Development

Our library organizes forty eight virtues along an positive executive function model. You can use the words to acknowledge growth and affirm change in your child, a co-worker or a student. Harmonious Development is the idea that effort produces change in individuals. Outcomes do matter, yet they are not the complete picture. Certificates of Harmonious Development recognize the internal outcome of effort. They signify that you recognize something of great value in the recipient. To students who struggle, or coworkers who strive or students who study hard, words matter. As people seek to master tasks at hand, there is something of great value - greater than accomplishing a goal, that occurs. 

What matters is that others understand the nature of their effort, the unseen aspects of self actualization and efficacy. The purpose of Certificates of Harmonious Development are to acknowledge the recipients for their inner accomplishments.



Energy required to activate and organize for tasks

Curiosity | Dauntlessness | Humor | Imagination

Pertinacity | Spunk | Zest


Focus of energy to sustain and shift attention

Attentiveness | Creativity | Diligence | Knowledgeable

Mettle | Patience | Perspicacity 


Alertness to self and sustaining effort

Autonomy | Commitment | Courage | Endurance

Foresight | Idealism | Reliability


Managing mental and emotional energy 

Acceptance | Adaptability  | Awareness | Confidence  

Entrepreneurial | Heroism  | Ingenuity | Integrity

Kindness  | Tranquility


Creating internal and external equilibrium

Altruism | Balance | Candor | Character

Collaboration | Compassion | Equity

Gratitude | Intuitiveness



Planning energy and time to complete tasks

Assiduousness | Gumption | Initiative

Judiciousness | Meticulousness