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Intelligence . Scholar

Mystical brotherhoods, books of knowledge and secret rituals elevate the ordinary and ask the viewer to think about unusual perspectives, ideas and concepts. Wings symbolize our awareness of a higher ideal that exist beyond our grasp. Books contain knowledge and truth and represent a scholarly approach to life.  Light bulbs speak to invention and imagination—awareness is of a flash of insight connecting the dots of our experiences. Other symbols are more obscure and invite the young scholar to wonder and think—what do they mean? What is my purpose? How can I find out?


Each Certificate of Harmonious Development is 11.5” x 17” printed on 80# gloss or 100# matte paper with a superior show stopping finish suitable for framing.  Each  certificate is accompanied by a letter of recognition from the Headmaster of the Patagucci Institute.




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      The  Value of Harmonious Development

      Our library organizes forty eight virtues along an positive executive function model. You can use the words to acknowledge growth and affirm change in your child, a co-worker or a student. Harmonious Development is the idea that effort produces change in individuals. Outcomes do matter, yet they are not the complete picture. Certificates of Harmonious Development recognize the internal outcome of effort. They signify that you recognize something of great value in the recipient. To students who struggle, or coworkers who strive or students who study hard, words matter. As people seek to master tasks at hand, there is something of great value - greater than accomplishing a goal, that occurs. 

      What matters is that others understand the nature of their effort, the unseen aspects of self actualization and efficacy. The purpose of Certificates of Harmonious Development are to acknowledge the recipients for their inner accomplishments.



      Energy required to activate and organize for tasks

      Curiosity | Dauntlessness | Humor | Imagination

      Pertinacity | Spunk | Zest


      Focus of energy to sustain and shift attention

      Attentiveness | Creativity | Diligence | Knowledgeable

      Mettle | Patience | Perspicacity 


      Alertness to self and sustaining effort

      Autonomy | Commitment | Courage | Endurance

      Foresight | Idealism | Reliability


      Managing mental and emotional energy 

      Acceptance | Adaptability  | Awareness | Confidence  

      Entrepreneurial | Heroism  | Ingenuity | Integrity

      Kindness  | Tranquility


      Creating internal and external equilibrium

      Altruism | Balance | Candor | Character

      Collaboration | Compassion | Equity

      Gratitude | Intuitiveness



      Planning energy and time to complete tasks

      Assiduousness | Gumption | Initiative

      Judiciousness | Meticulousness